Lori Dell

Lori Dell is a visual artist best known for
her emotionally-charged perceptions of
traditional subject matter. Her paintings engage
with, and re-interpret ideas of abstraction,
portraiture, and architecture.
Dell produces large concept works
with skillful execution of color and material
often described as bold, spiritual, and meditative.
With an artistic career spanning decades,
her work can be found in numerous private and public
collections internationally.

Selected Exhibits and Sites

New York Artist Project, NY, USA

Toronto Artist Project, TO, CA

Coral Gables, Miami, FL, USA

Anna Marie Island, FL, USA

Vero Beach, FL, USA

Windermere, FL, USA

Engine Gallery, TO, CA

Chelsea Hotel, NY, USA

The Art Shoppe, TO, CA

Du Maurier Theatre, TO, CA

John B. Aird Gallery O.S.A., TO, CA



CIBC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Compass360 Advertising
Royal Le Page Estate Realty
Total Body Chiropractic Clinic


Jean Chr├ętien

Jeanne Beker / Fashion Television

T Moore / Architect

Mr & Mrs S Drysdale

CL Shepherd

J Parker

V Dinnick

Mr & Mrs A Sinclair

Mr & Mrs M Kahil

Mr & Mrs J Abbinate

S Rolston


Movies, Video, Advertising

Editorial and Advertising Illustration

American Illustration Award
The Globe and Mail
Toronto Life
Toronto Life Fashion
Precision Camera
Second Cup
Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Enterprise Advertising

Stage and Costume Design

Festival Internationale De Nouvelle Danse
Desrosiers Dance Theatre
Hamilton Ballet, Harbourfront Centre Theatre
Toronto Dance Theatre
Myth Production
Fashion Shows