Lori Dell is a visual artist who is best known for her emotionally charged view of traditional subject matter; fresh approaches to textural mixed media works, architectural paintings, and portraiture. Dell produces large concept works with skillful execution of color and material often described as bold, spiritual, and meditative. With an artistic career spanning decades, her work can be found in private and public collections internationally.

“Her works, whether architectural or figurative, on canvas or paper, all share this light-infused, color-drenched quality that creates a breathtaking sense of beauty and potency.”
Spade Magazine

Toronto, New York, Montreal Art Fairs
Engine Gallery
Galerie D’Art Maistre
Denison Gallery
Chelsea Hotel
Design Convention
Delisle Gallery
Gio Rana’s
The Art Shoppe
Du Maurier Theatre
Nathan Phillips Square
John B. Aird Gallery
Market House Gallery
Cadotte Gallery
Factory Theatre
Lynwood Art Centre
Race Street Gallery

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Royal Le Page Realty
Mack Truck
Native Canadian Centre
Compass 360 Architects
Jean Chrétien
Jeanne Beker
Shauna Rolston
Panic & Bob’s Film Editing
Rdee Ontario
Future’s Bakery

Ontario College of Art and Design
The Banff Centre for the Arts